JV Access For ReallySmartArt is now closed


May 15th at 9am Eastern Time

What is it?

ReallySmart.art is a service making it possible for anyone with an email list to send personalized images, using their email provider's FIRSTNAME merge tag, in other words, personalized images the exact same way you would send a personalized email.

The service works with all auto-responder services as well as safe-lists that support a FIRSTNAME merge tag. In fact, you can use the service anywhere you have access to a FIRSTNAME variable, such as memberships sites and anywhere your imagination takes you.

Example: If you enter your name in the field below and click submit, a new personalized image with your name will be generated on the fly. Go ahead... Try it.

That's Right...

We are doing something that has NEVER been done before! Your subscribers will thank you for letting them know about us. Not only do we have a super product, but we have come up with a compensation plan that will make it possible for the newest of newbies to start earning online while seasoned marketers will set themselves up to earn passive commissions for years to come.

Each person joining ReallySmart.art will have seven people promoting to get them a referral. Members also have the ability to promote their affiliate links by simply using the service. The video below is part of the sales video, but only shows the part dealing with the compensation plan.

The Buzz has started...

We have already had numerous support requests from people who have joined the notification list asking if they can get in early.


Make 5 direct referrals to earn a bonus of $30 1
Make 10 or more direct referrals to earn a bonus of $100 1
Make 15 or more direct referrals to earn a bonus of $200 and have your account upgraded to the Pro Plus level ($397) 2
Make 20 or more direct referrals to earn a bonus of $300 and have your account upgraded to the Platinum Pro level ($497) 2

  1. Referral bonuses are not cumulative, but dependent on the level you reach.
  2. Upgrade bonuses may not be exchanged for cash.
  3. Referral bonuses will not show up under your commissions as the system was not designed that way. Referral bonuses will be paid out along with your commissions during the first commission run
  4. Bonus upgrades will be applied daily as and when JV partners reach the incentive level to ensure you start earning the extra commissions as soon as possible.
  5. Cash Bonuses are limited to the first week of launch, based on the amount of referrals you see on "JV Partners Info" page in your back office. Upgrade bonuses are eligible during the first 30 days of launch, giving you a whole month to obtain a free upgrade for higher commissions, more impressions and benefits associated with the membership level reached.

How to get your free JV account important!

Because of the extraordinary compensation plan we created, we could not just send you to a JV doc with a simple explanation.

When you click the button below, you will follow the same path a prospect will follow in the sign-up process. However, the button below will ensure that you see a sign-up form (Name, Surname, Email and Password) instead of a Buy-Now button.

For clarity, this is what will happen:

  1. When you click the button below, you will be taken to the video landing page. Be sure to watch the video as I can promise you will want to be part of this launch once you see the income potential.
  2. Once you have watched the video, click the continue button underneath it which will bring you to the longer pitch page.
  3. When you scroll around 80% to the bottom, instead of a buy button, you will see the JV Partners signup form.
  4. Enter your name, surname, email and change the password if you do not want the one the system generated for you
  5. Click the submit button to create your account and get ready to make some money.

In Conclusion...

Thanks again for helping us with this epic launch. We are confident you will be making ridiculous commissions for years to come recommending a service your subscribers will love and use regularly.

If you need anything you can reach out to me at any time at [email protected] or my site admin, Bruce Baxter at [email protected]