Because someone noticed
something about how
they pay you…

Once this clicks in your mind you’ll never look at pay plans the same way again.

Because the moment you realize how it’s creating leverage

no MLM, matrix, breakaway, spillover, 1 up, 2 up or affiliate program

have ever been able to give you anything that even comes close . . .

It will become clear how this could change the way your home based business pays you forever.

It really doesn't matter now . . .

because the way you grow, build and profit from your own home based business changes forever from this day forward. (if you take advantage of what you are about to see)

For 18 months

Craig has quietly worked on project scratching at the back of his mind.

Even with the incredible success of his other projects EasyCash4Ads, SoManyHits and SecondSplash; creating incomes through leverage and advertising for 10’s of thousands of members for many, many years…

He always felt like something was missing.

Something important.

The answer he thought…

To the horrific failure rate among home based business owners was the combining of a new pay plan

pushing profits to "teams" and a needed software product to help with conversions. (no way was he going to make the product another "training" with 101 more ways to spam social media)

7X Forced Success
Compensation Model

After many sleepless nights the 7X pay model was born.

Imagine being given a team who are all working to get you your very first sale.

Unlike any MLM where you need to build your team underneath you…

Your team is already in place, and you are placed next to them on a level playing field.

Forget about only the guys at the top making all the money because the money is shared to your whole team.

This is where it gets really interesting . . .

Are you paying attention?

When you join your new team, if any of them find a new teammate not only do you get paid but . . .


Earned by members
since 15 may 2024


Think about the new guy who’s never made any money online before.

How excited will he be when he makes a commission from someone he doesn’t even know?

Will he want to tell anyone?

Then when someone else joins because they saw what happened . . .

you all get paid again

This is what happens when you combine the leverage of this new pay model with the momentum created from getting paid from others on your team.


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Our Product/Service

Apart from a real chance at earning online, here's what you'll be getting.

Imagine the next time you personalize an email to members of a safelist you belong to, or, if you have already started building your own list (which you should), instead of just personalizing the text, you also send out personalized images to your list.

Now imagine doing it as easily as you personalize text to the safelist or your own email list.

Do you think that will do anything for your click rate?

You bet it will. We ran hundreds of tests and in some cases improved our click rates by as much as 400%

This, and much more, is yours when you join today.


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  • First and foremost, we provide an extraordinary service at an unbeatable price. FREE

    For illustration, the average cost of similar services will cost you $61.80 per month. Even if members choose to upgrade in order to increase the free monthly impressions to a higher level, we still only charge a once-off fee.

    Free members are not excluded from earning commissions, though some limitations applies.

  • Yes, as long as you are able to obtain a free account in order for us to pay you, anybody can become a member. If you cannot obtain a wise account, you can still use the service as a free or upgraded member

  • Inside your back office we have upgrade packages available at a once-off cost that will give you more monthly impressions and other benefits.